Something More Than This


Okay so I wrote a fan fiction about Robin Gallith (oh God I feel so embarrassed for posting it .-.).
Anyway if you don’t like this kind of stories, please don’t read it.

I don’t know how to rate this ‘cause I haven’t already understood how the rating works. However I think that this could be a R-ish kind of fanfic.

Summary: (’80-’81) Robert and Simon find out that their friendship is something more than what they have always thought (in a few words, it’s the story of their first time).

Sorry if there are some mistakes. Hope you like it!

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I caught the predatory glint in Simon’s eyes as he let me into his room and tried not to smile. So I was right after all…at least about Simon wanting me. As to whether Robert did as well, and the thing I suspected was between them, that was yet to be seen.

I watched as Simon, wearing…


The faint touch on my mind. I’ve been talking to the girl for two weeks now. I don’t know much about her, just that she’s younger than me, sixteen, maybe seventeen, and there’s a bond between us that both delights and disturbs me. Never mind I found her first.

I go to her. Part of…



I hear his voice as I’ve heard it thousands of times before, soft and low, like a hidden caress. I turn to him, not wanting this, not again, but I can’t stop myself. Robert reaches for me, and as always, I go to him.

My hands slide slowly down Robert’s back, fingers gently kneading…


Angst always accompanied their passion.

"Bastard," Simon hissed, sinking his teeth into Robert’s naked shoulder.

Cursing and groaning, they kissed and fondled, writhing as one. “Damn you, Simon,” Robert growled. “Every time this happens, you hate me.”

"Fuck me," Simon panted, writhing naked…


"About time you got here, you’re late again, mate."

"I’m here now, and that’s what counts, right?"

"Oh, don’t be that way, Si. I’m sorry. I tried to get out sooner, but Mary picked the worst time to talk at me about—mmmm…"

"I knew that would shut you up."

"Heh heh. Don’t you prefer it…